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Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 4 (Grade 9)

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Romeo and Juliet: Act 3, Scene 4

What do Lord Capulet and Paris think Juliet is upset about?
  1. Tybalt's death
  2. marrying Paris
  3. Romeo being banished
  4. being too young to be in love
How does Lord Capulet plan to make things better?
  1. let Paris marry her
  2. buy her some jewelry
  3. send Juliet on vacation
  4. give Romeo his blessing
On what day will Lord Capulet's plan take place?
  1. today
  2. tomorrow
  3. Thursday
  4. Saturday
What will happen on that day?
  1. Juliet will die.
  2. Romeo will move in.
  3. There will be a small wedding.
  4. Lady Capulet will have a party.
Who does Lord Capulet send to talk to Juliet?
  1. Paris
  2. Romeo
  3. the Prince
  4. Lady Capulet

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