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Thirteen Reasons Why Opening (Grade 10)

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Thirteen Reasons Why Opening

What is the person doing at the beginning of the novel?
  1. making coffee
  2. mailing a package
  3. talking with a friend
  4. getting ready for school
Why is the person doing that?
  1. to apologize to someone
  2. to confess a deep, dark secret
  3. to pick out an outfit for the prom
  4. to pass the package on to the next person
In the opening, the narrator mentions some tapes. What can you infer from the narrator's tone?
  1. The tapes are old.
  2. The tapes are upsetting.
  3. The tapes have been lost.
  4. The tapes are from a good friend.
Why does the narrator want to collapse instead of going to school?
  1. He forgot to finish his homework.
  2. There is a big test in his science class.
  3. He does not want to see Hannah's empty desk.
  4. He is worried his friends will ask him what was on the tapes.
Who will be the last to hear the tapes?
  1. his mom
  2. Mr. Porter
  3. Clay Jensen
  4. Hannah Baker
What was included with the tapes?
  1. a map
  2. a video
  3. a textbook
  4. a love letter
Why does the narrator say he does not want a receipt?
  1. He bought it for himself.
  2. He does not want to remember it.
  3. He is worried his mom will find out.
  4. He thinks they can trace him through it.
What do you know about the item the narrator is sending?

Based on the information in the introduction, what do you know about the tapes?

Based on what you already know about the book, what do you think the narrator is talking about in the opening?

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