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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 2: Side B (Grade 10)

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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 2: Side B

Why does the narrator order coffee instead of hot chocolate?
  1. He is cheap.
  2. It was Hannah's favorite.
  3. The smell makes him sick.
  4. He needs caffeine to stay awake.
What does the narrator's conversation with the girl at the cafe show the reader?
  1. Clay is a nice guy.
  2. Clay knows everyone.
  3. Hannah had a lot of friends.
  4. Hannah's death affected everyone.
What kind of store did Hannah's parents own?
  1. a cafe
  2. a shoe store
  3. a barbershop
  4. a liquor store
How did Hannah describe Tyler Down?
  1. a nice guy
  2. a bad student
  3. a quiet person
  4. a peeping tom
What was Hannah doing while recording Tyler's message?
  1. sitting at the cafe
  2. studying in the library
  3. looking in his window
  4. attending a yearbook meeting
Tyler admitted to the crime when Hannah confronted him.
  1. True
  2. False
In both the stories of Alex and Tyler, someone
  1. called the police.
  2. asked Hannah out on a date.
  3. spread a vicious rumor about Hannah.
  4. took something from Hannah without permission.
What does the narrator find on the bookshelf in the cafe?
  1. Hannah's diary
  2. his favorite novel
  3. another cassette tape
  4. a yearbook from freshman year
What is in the item the narrator finds?
  1. a letter
  2. money
  3. a photograph
  4. a dried flower
Who is going to be the next person on the tapes?
  1. Alex
  2. Clay
  3. Tyler
  4. Courtney
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