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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 4: Side A (Grade 10)

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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 4: Side A

Why does Clay's mom meet him at Rosie's?
  1. to bring him the tapes
  2. to help him with his project
  3. to have a milkshake with him
  4. to give him news about Hannah
Clay's mom suspects he is lying to her.
  1. True
  2. False
Who did Hannah run into at the diner?
  1. Zach
  2. Tyler
  3. Justin
  4. Marcus
Why do you think Tony is so understanding when he realizes Clay took his Walkman?

What happened between Zach and Hannah at Rosie's?
  1. He made out with her.
  2. He treated her inappropriately.
  3. He tried to help her after Marcus left.
  4. He bought her a burger and a milkshake.
What did Zach do to Hannah?
  1. He made fun of her.
  2. He took her to a movie.
  3. He asked for a ride home.
  4. He stole her bag of notes.
Why was what Zach did such a big deal?
  1. It made Hannah feel special.
  2. He took something she needed.
  3. People spread rumors about her.
  4. He never apologized for what he did.
What happened to Hannah at home?
  1. her little sister ran away
  2. her parents got divorced
  3. her parents paid less attention to her
  4. her dad grounded her for sneaking out
How did Hannah change before her suicide?
  1. She became more withdrawn.
  2. She started to be really mean.
  3. She was nice and more bubbly.
  4. She made out with lots of boys.
Hannah wrote an anonymous note about suicide for Mrs. Bradley and the class discussed it. What reactions did the class have?

According to Hannah, why should people have known she was contemplating suicide?
  1. She told them.
  2. She was withdrawn.
  3. She changed her appearance.
  4. She was facing problems at home.

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