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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 4: Side B (Grade 10)

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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 4: Side B

What helped Hannah feel better?
  1. writing poetry
  2. talking to Clay
  3. going out on dates
  4. shopping with her mom
Why did Hannah stop what she enjoyed?
  1. She was tired.
  2. She ran out of money.
  3. She had a reputation to uphold.
  4. She stopped wanting to know herself.
Why was Clay so nervous around Hannah?
  1. She was pretty.
  2. She was very nice.
  3. She had a reputation.
  4. She wrote deep poetry.
How did Clay feel about being on the list?
  1. He hated himself.
  2. He was angry at Hannah.
  3. He didn't deserve to be on it.
  4. He thought he was better than the others.
Who is next on the list?
  1. Clay
  2. Ryan
  3. Jessica
  4. Mr. Porter
What did Ryan do to Hannah?
  1. He dumped her.
  2. He stole her poem.
  3. He got her in trouble.
  4. He spread a rumor about her.
How does what Ryan did to Hannah connect with some of the others on the list?

Why doesn't the man at Rosie's take Clay's money?
  1. He felt sorry for him.
  2. His mom already paid.
  3. His food was untouched.
  4. He didn't like the milkshake.

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