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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 5: Side B (Grade 10)

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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 5: Side B

What does Clay realize about Hannah's death?
  1. He was the last person she talked to.
  2. Hannah wanted him to feel sad for her.
  3. No one blamed him for what happened.
  4. Tony was the one who caused her death.
Where does Tony take Clay?
  1. to Rosie's
  2. to the theater
  3. to the party house
  4. to Hannah's house
Who is the next tape about?
  1. Tony
  2. Alex
  3. Justin
  4. Mr. Porter
What was that person doing at the party?
  1. starting a fight
  2. taking advantage of Jessica
  3. spreading rumors about Clay
  4. offering to give Hannah a ride home
What does Tony say he did?
  1. nothing
  2. beat up Justin
  3. tried to stop Hannah
  4. called the cops at the party
What happened to Jessica?
  1. She blacked out from drinking too much.
  2. She was arrested for throwing the party.
  3. She stopped talking to everyone at school.
  4. She was raped and no one stopped it from happening.
Summarize the problem that occurred at a party and the role Hannah played in it.

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