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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 6: Side B (Grade 10)

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Thirteen Reasons Why Cassette 6: Side B

At the beginning of the tape, what does Hannah describe?

According to Clay, how did Hannah die?
  1. She took pills.
  2. She drowned.
  3. She ran off the road.
  4. She found a loaded gun.
When was this tape recorded?
  1. the day before the suicide
  2. the week before the suicide
  3. the night of the house party
  4. the anniversary of her move
What did Hannah do the morning of the day she died?
  1. hugged her parents
  2. mailed tapes to Justin
  3. wrote a note to her parents
  4. had one last meal at Rosie's
What did Clay say he did to Hannah on the last day?
  1. smiled
  2. nothing
  3. ignored her
  4. sat with her at lunch
Why did Clay think Hannah made some of the choices she did on her last days?

What happened between Bryce and Hannah?
  1. They went on a date.
  2. He spread a rumor about her.
  3. She let him take advantage of her.
  4. He accused her of cheating on him with Clay.

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