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The Outsiders: Chapter 1 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapter 1

The author starts the novel by
  1. describing the narrator.
  2. explaining the problem.
  3. showing the reader the ending.
  4. introducing all of the characters.
What did the narrator just do?
  1. leave school
  2. go for a walk
  3. watch a movie alone
  4. visit with his brothers
How is the narrator related to Darry and Soda?
  1. They are cousins.
  2. They are brothers.
  3. They are best friends.
  4. They are on the football team.
What group is the narrator part of?
  1. the Socs
  2. the Greasers
  3. the movie goers
  4. the goody two shoes
What side of town does the narrator live on?
  1. East Side
  2. West Side
  3. North Side
  4. South Side
How do the kids on the narrator's side of town differ from the other kids in the town? (Select all that apply)
  1. They're wilder.
  2. They're poorer.
  3. They're smarter.
  4. They're friendlier.
  5. They're more outgoing.
  6. They're more handsome.
What happened to the narrator's parents?
  1. They divorced.
  2. They were killed.
  3. They worked a lot.
  4. They lost their jobs.
What does the narrator say one of his main problems is?
  1. He is lazy.
  2. He is too short.
  3. He can't count money.
  4. He doesn't use his head.
What happened to the narrator on the walk home?
  1. He met a girl.
  2. He hitchhiked.
  3. He was jumped.
  4. He found a wallet.
What is the narrator's name?
  1. Johnny
  2. Two-bit
  3. Ponyboy
  4. Sodapop
What is a fight between two gangs or rival groups called?
  1. a tiff
  2. a party
  3. a rumble
  4. a disturbance
Choose the word that fits in the blank.

He just bought a                 new truck.
  1. tuff
  2. tough
What took up most of Darry's time?
  1. work
  2. school
  3. his car
  4. his girlfriend
The narrator says he has trouble attracting nice girls. Why is that?
  1. He is too short.
  2. He is not attractive.
  3. They are afraid of him.
  4. They already have boyfriends.
Which statement about Soda is NOT true?
  1. He has a nice girlfriend.
  2. He is not very attractive.
  3. He dropped out of school.
  4. He is the oldest of the boys.
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