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The Outsiders: Chapter 2 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapter 2

At the beginning of the chapter, the boys stopped at the drugstore. At the store, Dally
  1. got into a fight.
  2. stole two packs of cigarettes.
  3. realized his wallet was stolen.
  4. decided to ask out a girl he liked.
Why did the boys sneak into the movies?
  1. It was too expensive.
  2. They forgot their wallets.
  3. Dally didn't like to follow rules.
  4. Johnny was too young to get in.
What did Cherry notice about Ponyboy?
  1. He had a scar.
  2. He was different.
  3. He was very poor.
  4. He liked to chew gum.
Dally bought Cherry a soda. What did she do next?
  1. drank it
  2. ran away
  3. said thank you
  4. threw it in his face
Which word does Cherry use to describe Ponyboy and Johnny?
  1. cool
  2. dirty
  3. sweet
  4. careless
Which word best describes Cherry and Marcia?
  1. tuff
  2. easy
  3. dirty
  4. honest
What are two rules the Greasers have?
  1. No alcohol
  2. Stick together
  3. Lie to the cops
  4. Don't get caught
  5. Stay away from Socs
What caused Johnny to be the way he is?
  1. His parents died.
  2. He ran away from home.
  3. He had been arrested a lot.
  4. He was beat up by the Socs.
According to Cherry, kids from the West Side and kids who are rich
  1. have it made.
  2. have rough times too.
  3. stay away from Greasers.
  4. wish they could be tougher.
At the end of Chapter 2, Ponyboy hints that
  1. Cherry will be his girlfriend.
  2. Johnny will become less shy.
  3. the girls will cause them problems.
  4. his friends will eventually desert him.
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