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The Outsiders: Chapter 3 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapter 3

What did Ponyboy start to realize about the Socs and the Greasers at the beginning of the chapter?
  1. They were not that different.
  2. They would always be enemies.
  3. They were actually good friends.
  4. They had been fighting for years.
Cherry says that the people in her group
  1. are nice.
  2. are not real.
  3. act on emotion.
  4. work hard for a living.
Which word best describes Johnny and Ponyboy?
  1. lazy
  2. quiet
  3. smart
  4. handsome
What is Mickey Mouse?
  1. a car
  2. a horse
  3. a Disney character
  4. a member of the Greasers
According to Ponyboy, how did Darry feel about him?
  1. He was his brother.
  2. He did not like him very well.
  3. He thought he could do no wrong.
  4. He wished he did not have to take care of him.
Who was in the blue Mustang that came down the road?
  1. Darry and Soda
  2. Johnny's parents
  3. the girls' boyfriends
  4. a large group of Socs
What couldn't Cherry stand?
  1. men
  2. beer
  3. fights
  4. cigarettes
Where did Ponyboy wish he could live?
  1. New York
  2. in the country
  3. with his parents
  4. on the East Side
What did Darry do to Ponyboy when he got home? (Select all that apply)
  1. hit him
  2. yelled at him
  3. made him dinner
  4. gave him a present
  5. asked where he had been
At the end of the chapter, Ponyboy suggests that
  1. Johnny will die.
  2. they will win a prize.
  3. something bad will happen.
  4. Darry is going to apologize to him.
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