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The Outsiders: Chapter 4 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapter 4

Where did the Greasers like to hang out?
  1. the park
  2. a vacant lot
  3. the movie theater
  4. behind the stadium
Why did the Socs come looking for Ponyboy and Johnny?
  1. They had talked to their girls.
  2. They wanted to return a knife.
  3. They needed money for alcohol.
  4. They had a question to ask them.
What did the Socs try to do to Ponyboy?
  1. hit him
  2. drown him
  3. take him home
  4. make him leave town
What did Johnny do to the Socs?
  1. He hit them.
  2. He called them trash.
  3. He killed one of them.
  4. He scared them away.
How did Ponyboy and Johnny feel after the Socs left?
  1. angry
  2. proud
  3. happy
  4. scared
Who did Johnny and Ponyboy go looking for?
  1. Bob
  2. Dally
  3. Cherry
  4. Sodapop
What did Ponyboy and Johnny receive at the party? (Select all that apply)
  1. weed
  2. money
  3. clothes
  4. a loaded gun
  5. an arrest warrant
Where did Ponyboy and Johnny go when they left the party?
  1. home
  2. to the police
  3. to get on a train
  4. to the East side of town
What was at the end of the long road?
  1. a car
  2. a house
  3. a church
  4. an officer
What feeling did Ponyboy have at the end of the chapter?
  1. He was lonely.
  2. He was happy.
  3. He was at peace.
  4. He was creeped out.
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