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The Outsiders: Chapter 6 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapter 6

Why did Cherry agree to become a spy for the Greasers?
  1. She wanted to date Dally.
  2. She felt like she caused the trouble.
  3. She always wanted to be a part of a gang.
  4. She needed to get away from her boyfriend.
How did Ponyboy feel about shooting?
  1. He liked it.
  2. He hated it.
  3. It gave him a thrill.
  4. He thought he was bad at it.
What did Johnny decide he wanted to do?
  1. go to Texas
  2. turn himself in
  3. get a girlfriend
  4. hide out in the church
Johnny thinks his parents
  1. will come looking for him.
  2. are not worried about him.
  3. are planning to get a divorce.
  4. sent him some more supplies.
How did Johnny and Ponyboy differ most?
  1. Ponyboy was quiet.
  2. Ponyboy was smart.
  3. Ponyboy had a loving family.
  4. Ponyboy hated to hurt people.
Through their conversation in the car, you can infer that
  1. Dally had been in prison a lot.
  2. Dally cared about Johnny and Ponyboy.
  3. Dally was going to take the rap for them.
  4. Dally wanted to go on a date with Cherry.
What happened to the church?
  1. It caught on fire.
  2. The door was locked.
  3. Someone new moved in.
  4. The pastor came back from vacation.
Why did Ponyboy and Johnny go into the church?
  1. to get their things
  2. to get out of the rain
  3. to save the little kids
  4. to hide from the police
Why did Ponyboy smoke?
  1. It was cool.
  2. Everyone did it.
  3. He liked the feeling.
  4. His brothers made him.
How did Darry react when he saw Ponyboy in the hospital?
  1. He hit him.
  2. He yelled at him.
  3. He started crying.
  4. He refused to look at him.

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