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The Outsiders: Chapter 7 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapter 7

Who came to the hospital to talk to Ponyboy?
  1. Johnny's parents
  2. Cherry and Marcia
  3. a group of reporters
  4. the kids from the church
What happened to Johnny?
  1. He died in the fire.
  2. He had a few bruises.
  3. He was in critical condition.
  4. He went home right after the fire.
What do Ponyboy and his brothers have for breakfast? (Select all that apply)
  1. eggs
  2. Pepsi
  3. coffee
  4. chocolate milk
  5. chocolate cake
What did Two-Bit call Ponyboy?
  1. a hero
  2. a punk
  3. a brother
  4. a tuff guy
What did Ponyboy learn by reading the paper?
  1. One of the kids died.
  2. He had to go to juvenile court.
  3. Dally had admitted to the murder.
  4. Cherry was really one of the Socs.
What word did the doctors and reporters use when talking about Johnny that made Ponyboy upset?
  1. if
  2. hero
  3. smart
  4. murderer
What did the newspaper article suggest might happen to Ponyboy and Soda?
  1. They would go to jail.
  2. They would be put in a boys' home.
  3. They would be kicked out of school.
  4. They would grow up to be delinquents.
What happened to Soda's girlfriend Sandy?
  1. She got pregnant.
  2. She broke up with Soda.
  3. She dropped out of school.
  4. She moved to the East side.
What happened to Ponyboy sometimes at night?
  1. He wet the bed.
  2. He had insomnia.
  3. He had a nightmare.
  4. He forgot where he was.
Randy wanted to talk to Ponyboy. What did he want to ask him?
  1. why Johnny killed Bob
  2. if he was going to the rumble
  3. why he saved the kids from the fire
  4. if Darry was going to ask Cherry out

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