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The Outsiders: Chapter 9 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapter 9

According to Ponyboy, how was Darry different from the rest of the Greasers? (Select all that apply)
  1. He was smart.
  2. He had short hair.
  3. He kept himself clean.
  4. He had to work for a living.
  5. He never finished high school.
  6. He was always there for his friends.
Why did Darry like fights?
  1. He liked to win.
  2. He like seeing others cringe.
  3. He liked to help out his brothers.
  4. He liked to show how strong he was.
Why does Darry think Ponyboy should skip the rumble?
  1. He is too young.
  2. He is not in shape.
  3. He has a big mouth.
  4. He lost his switchblade.
How did Two-Bit prepare for a rumble?
  1. He drank a lot of beer.
  2. He wrote up a strategy.
  3. He sparred with the boys.
  4. He sharpened the blade of his knife.
Why didn't Ponyboy drink?
  1. He was too young.
  2. He couldn't afford beer.
  3. He didn't like what it did to you.
  4. He was afraid he would get caught.
Who are the fuzz?
  1. the girls
  2. the Socs
  3. the police
  4. the parents
What did Tim Shepard remind Ponyboy of?
  1. a car
  2. a Soc
  3. an alley cat
  4. an angry baby
What rule did they have for the fight?
  1. Boys only
  2. Knives only
  3. No weapons
  4. No punching
Who surprised everyone by showing up at the rumble?
  1. Dally
  2. Cherry
  3. Marcia
  4. Johnny
Who won the rumble?
  1. the Socs
  2. the Greasers
What did Dally tell Johnny?
  1. He was proud of him.
  2. His parents loved him.
  3. He would pull through.
  4. He would see him later.
What happened to Johnny at the end of the chapter?
  1. He died.
  2. He sat up.
  3. He confessed.
  4. He started walking.

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