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The Outsiders: Chapters 10-11 (Grade 9)

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The Outsiders: Chapters 10-11

What did Ponyboy try to convince himself of?
  1. He was not sick.
  2. Johnny was not dead.
  3. He would be rich one day.
  4. They would not send him away.
What did Johnny tell Ponyboy to do?
  1. stay gold
  2. tell the boys
  3. win the rumble
  4. talk to his parents
Why did Dally react so strongly to Johnny's death?
  1. because he caused it
  2. because he loved him
  3. because he was not there
  4. because he wanted to help him
What happened to Dally in this chapter?
  1. He moved away.
  2. He stayed in the hospital.
  3. He was shot by the police.
  4. He decided to improve himself.
What happened to Ponyboy?
  1. He got sick and fainted.
  2. He turned Dally into the police.
  3. He was taken to a boys' home.
  4. He got into a fight with his brothers.
What did Johnny leave for Ponyboy?
  1. a pair of scissors
  2. a bottle of peroxide
  3. his favorite switchblade
  4. a copy of Gone with the Wind
What did Ponyboy wonder about at the beginning of Chapter 11
  1. who he would live with
  2. if Johnny was in heaven
  3. what Bob Sheldon had been like
  4. if they would have enough money
Who came to see Ponyboy?
  1. Randy
  2. the doctor
  3. Johnny's mother
  4. the kids from the church
Who did Ponyboy say killed Bob?
  1. Dally
  2. Randy
  3. Johnny
  4. Himself
What were people NOT allowed to talk about around Ponyboy?
  1. Johnny
  2. baloney
  3. the police
  4. Gone with the Wind

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