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Housekeeping Tools (Grade 10)

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Housekeeping Tools

An open storage container holding cleaning tools and products, that may be efficiently carried from room to room.
  1. mop and bucket
  2. dustpan
  3. supply caddy
  4. duster
A soft, light, porous and synthetic tool used to absorb liquid when cleaning.
  1. sponge
  2. microfibre
  3. paper towel
  4. scrub brush
A small tool with a handle used for scrubbing a variety of hard-to-reach places such as faucets to remove a build up of grime.
  1. cloth
  2. rubber gloves
  3. toilet brush
  4. toothbrush
These cleaning tools can be made from cotton or synthetic microfibre, are more environmentally friendly than disposables and may be recycled from articles already in your home.
  1. clothes
  2. paper towel
  3. cloths
  4. duster
A disposable cleaning tool best used for absorbing spills and wiping away messes, though not ideal for glass surfaces.
  1. cloth
  2. paper towels
  3. twist mop
  4. rubber gloves
An item that should be used when handling abrasive or harsh cleaning products.
  1. vacuum
  2. scrub brush
  3. rubber gloves
  4. toothbrush
A long handled tool that may be used to clean small or large floor spaces with warm water and a mild soap.
  1. twist or sponge mop/bucket
  2. vacuum
  3. scrub brush
  4. duster
A large tool used mainly for cleaning flooring, though may have attachments to clean blinds, curtains or floorboards.
  1. duster
  2. sponge mop
  3. twist mop
  4. vacuum cleaner
A two piece tool used on flooring to efficiently pick up dry matter.
  1. scrub brush/dustpan
  2. broom/dustpan
  3. sponge
  4. vacuum
A tool that should only be used to efficiently scrub one type of fixed receptacle in the home using a disinfectant cleaner.
  1. toothbrush
  2. toilet brush
  3. mop/bucket
  4. cloth
A cleaning tool made from natural or synthetic materials designed to clean dry tight areas, or areas where there are a lot of small items to clean around.
  1. vacuum
  2. twirl mop
  3. duster
  4. paper towel
A cleaning tool with hard bristles used for heavy cleaning, and usually used on larger spaces.
  1. sponge
  2. toothbrush
  3. cloth
  4. scrub brush

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