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Choosing Cleaning Agents (Grade 10)

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Choosing Cleaning Agents

In order to minimize the number of cleaning agents in your home, you may choose to use an                                  cleaner for a variety of tasks.
A                                cleaner contains antimicrobial ingredients that kill germs.
                                     is an example of an antimicrobial cleaning agent. It should never be mixed with                      as this combination produces a toxic chloramine vapor.
Instead of using only brand name all purpose cleaners, an inexpensive liquid cleaner alternative is                                 .
Instead of using only brand name abrasive cleaning agents,                             is an inexpensive and efficient abrasive cleaner that is often kept in the household kitchen.
Windows, mirrors or objects made of glass require a                 cleaner. This type of cleaner may also be made at home using                                  as a base.
It is always a good idea to have a mildly                        cleaning agent on hand to scrub away stubborn dirt that will not come clean using a multi-purpose cleaner and a cloth.
Many surfaces can be cleaned using a mild                          that contains surfactants to dissolve dirt and grease. A simple mixture of water and                                        is a good example of this type of cleaner.
                                       is a cleaning agent used to clean and shine wood or faux wood surfaces in the home. Popular store bought types are aerosols or oils.
If you have rugs or flooring other than linoleum and wood, you may need a spot                      cleaner for stain removal.

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