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Food Coupons (Grades 11-12)

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Food Coupons

In order to save the most money on an item, when is the best time to use a coupon?
  1. during holidays
  2. when you can find an eCoupon
  3. when the product is on sale
  4. during morning hours
What is the best source to learn about your local store's coupon policies?
  1. customer service department
  2. cashier
  3. online store information
  4. online subject chats
Where would you find Tearpad/Blinkie coupons?
  1. in store on displays or hanging from the shelf
  2. on the sales receipt
  3. newspaper inserts
  4. store website
This type of coupon is the long receipt-like coupons that print out with your receipt at the checkout counter. They are sometimes called checkout coupons or YourBucks.
  1. flyer
  2. Catalina
  3. insert
  4. eCoupon
Identify the type of coupon you can remove from an individual store item and may use on your purchase at checkout.
  1. rolling
  2. blinkie
  3. eCoupon
  4. peelie
What are grocery store cycles?
  1. months when stores will not accept coupons
  2. when products are at their lowest prices throughout the year
  3. holidays when coupons are not accepted
  4. weeks when stores will not accept coupons
This type of coupon is loaded onto your store loyalty card or your smart phone and savings are deducted at the cash register when you make a qualifying purchase.
  1. tearpad
  2. printable
  3. eCoupon
  4. Catalina
What is the most important information to know when using a coupon as it is intended to be used?
  1. days of the week
  2. exact product description including size
  3. hours during the day
  4. minimum store purchase amount
When is it advisable to make multiple copies of coupons for extra savings?
  1. when the item is on sale
  2. when purchasing from a large retailer
  3. never, it is against the law
  4. for charity purchases
Identify the term used to describe using a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same product.
  1. double
  2. retro
  3. Ulta
  4. stacking

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