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Efficient Cleaning - The Kitchen (Grade 10)

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Efficient Cleaning - The Kitchen

The first task when cleaning a kitchen is to                   all items that don't belong in the kitchen, and ensure all kitchen items are in their                   place.
After cleaning any dirty dishes, fill the sink with                          water and soak the                                              and the four                                if you have this type of stovetop.
At the beginning of cleaning your kitchen, spray all surfaces (counters and stovetops) with an                              cleaner and let it               while moving on to other tasks. This will make it                   to clean surfaces after the cleaner has done its job.
Begin cleaning the refrigerator by throwing away                     food and working from                                  wipe down all inside surfaces with hot soapy water, then wash all outside surfaces in the same way. Shine stainless steel front with a stainless steel cleaner or make you own using water and                     .
Use a long-handled                   to clean the tops of cabinets and the                                     .
To clean the microwave, set a                           inside and run the microwave for                             . Let cool before using the sponge to wipe down all surface areas of the microwave, especially the                            that is often the most soiled surface.
Using a cloth with                         water, wipe down the cabinet fronts and                 . Wipe down wall areas, paying special attention to walls next to the stovetop that are likely to have been splattered by                   .
Use your self-cleaning oven option to turn oven grease and grim into              that is easily wiped up after the oven cools. The cleaning cycle usually takes           hours. Only use this option when you are                for safety reasons. Clean oven racks separately in                         water using an                       agent such as baking soda when necessary.
Use hot soapy water or a homemade diluted                      cleaner to clean the inside and outside of the dishwasher. Any grime build-up may be scrubbed away using                              or a store bought abrasive cleaner.
Clean the sink basin with a mild                        cleaner and wipe down the basin, facet and handles with a                           cloth for extra shine.
Before you wash the kitchen floor,                  first, pulling out appliances if necessary. Use a mop and bucket with hot soapy water and start at the                                      from the entrance to the room. Empty dirty bucket water outside or in the                   .
Remove everything from under the kitchen sink and wipe down all surface area with a damp cloth. Take out the kitchen trash and wipe out the trash can using a damp cloth or damp                             . Use a diluted                      solution on the cloth if there is odor in the can.

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