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Sewing Machine Basics (Grade 10)

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Sewing Machine Basics

Identify the machine part that allows you to secure stitching at the beginning and end of a seam.
  1. tension guide
  2. reverse lever
  3. stitch option guide
  4. foot pedal
What is the purpose of the feed dogs when you are sewing?
  1. moves fabric over presser foot
  2. winds needle thread
  3. moves fabric under presser foot
  4. winds bobbin thread
This part of the machine controls the take up lever and the movement of the needle.
  1. hand wheel
  2. feed dogs
  3. seam gauge
  4. bobbin case
In which direction do you turn the hand wheel?
  1. right
  2. toward you
  3. left
  4. away from you
How do you thread the sewing machine needle?
  1. through the eye back to front
  2. through the bobbin case right to left
  3. through the eye front to back
  4. through the bobbin case left to right
How do you control the up or down position of the presser foot?
  1. presser foot lifter
  2. presser foot guide
  3. hand wheel
  4. foot pedal
Where do you place the threaded bobbin in the sewing machine?
  1. on the spool pin over the spool of thread
  2. in the bobbin case
  3. on the spool pin under the spool of thread
  4. on the bobbin case
Identify the part of the sewing machine that controls how fast or slow the machine sews.
  1. presser foot
  2. hand wheel
  3. reverse lever
  4. foot pedal
Before starting to sew, what should you do if you cannot see the take up lever?
  1. make sure power is on
  2. turn hand wheel until it appears
  3. depress foot pedal
  4. look in equipment storage container
Where do you place the bobbin when you are going to wind it with thread?
  1. spool pin
  2. hand wheel
  3. bobbin case
  4. bobbin winder
Which part of the sewing machine holds the needle in place?
  1. stitch tension dial
  2. needle clamp
  3. needle gauge
  4. needle plate
It is important that this part of the machine is in the down position before you begin to sew.
  1. bobbin case
  2. take up lever
  3. presser foot
  4. thread winder
What position should the take up lever be in before you begin sewing?
  1. highest
  2. half way up
  3. lowest
  4. one third of the way down
On which part of the sewing machine do you place the spool of thread?
  1. bobbin case
  2. spool guide
  3. take up lever
  4. spool pin
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