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Toy Safety (Grades 11-12)

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Toy Safety

It is important to keep older children's toys                       from young children.
Toys with sharp points or edges, or with metal or glass parts, should not be given to children under the age of                 .
At an early age, teach children to                        their toys as this will prevent accidental                 from tripping on them.
Always ensure that small children's toys do not have small                         parts that could be a                     hazard.
Pay attention to the             recommendation on a toy, and choose one based on the child's             , skill level and interest.
Before buying an electrical toy or allowing a child to play with one, ensure that the toy is labelled by a                                   agency.
Immediately discard the                                       from new toys as it could cause young children to suffocate or                 .
Children under one year of age learn through their senses and often put things in their                    to explore them. Only allow children to play with items made of                         materials.
Keep toys in good                         , and check toys                               to make sure there are no dangers from broken or worn out parts.
Do not hang toys with                      in a child's crib or                      as children may become entangled.
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