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Efficient Cleaning - The Bathroom (Grade 10)

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Efficient Cleaning - The Bathroom

Start cleaning the bathroom by                        all items that don’t belong in the room. Also take out any movable                         so that you can clean the whole floor area.
Pour a                                cleaner, such as bleach, into the toilet bowl. Put the toilet                  in the bowl, this will sanitize it. Allow the cleaner to soak for             minutes before scrubbing.
Dust the whole room starting at the              and working to the                   . Dust any dirt onto the                 , to                  up later.
Apply a                  cleanser to dirty areas, especially those with a build-up of grime such as the sink,                      or around faucets. Let the cleanser soak for                                  before cleaning.
Clean the                  and ceiling with an                                cleaner.
If there is mold on the ceiling, spray the area with a                                disinfectant solution and let it rest for a couple of minutes before wiping the area down. Open all                      and doors to ensure a well                            room.
Use an all-purpose cleaner on tile unless you live in a hard water area and need a specific cleanser that will eliminate                     , rust, or               .
Do not use                        cleaners or                            pads on porcelain fixtures, as they will quickly dull the finish.
If the shower head becomes clogged, soak it                          in a water and                      mixture, and then clean with a toothbrush.
Use a flat weave                           cloth to clean the mirror. Remove dirty spots with a cotton pad and                                      and then spray the whole mirror using a water                      solution.
Using a disinfectant cleaner and cloth or sponge, clean all toilet surfaces starting at the                               . This includes the underside and               , as well as                    and their mounting area.
Sweep and then              the floor beginning at the                        point from the door or entrance. Rinse the floor with clean water to remove                        soap residue.
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