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Minimizing Food Waste (Grades 11-12)

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Minimizing Food Waste

What is the approximate percentage of available food in the United States that is thrown away?
  1. 15%
  2. 25%
  3. 5%
  4. 30%
Identify what the date on a use-by label means.
  1. do not consume product before the date
  2. date by which a product should be eaten, based on quality
  3. date when retailers should remove product from store shelf
  4. food becomes odorous after this date
Identify what the label sell-by date means.
  1. date when retailers should remove product from the store shelf
  2. food becomes odorous after this date
  3. do not consume product before this date
  4. date by which a product should be eaten, based on quality
Is hard cheese safe to eat if there is visible mold on it?
  1. no, throw the whole piece of cheese away
  2. yes, rinse the mold off under hot water
  3. yes, wipe the mold off and briefly heat the cheese to kill left over bacteria
  4. yes, cut the mold off with an inch of cheese
What should you do if you can't finish a meal at a restaurant?
  1. wrap it in a napkin to take home
  2. ask for a take away container to eat the food later
  3. leave it as it won't be safe to eat later
  4. leave it, all restaurants donate un-eaten food
During meals at home, how should food be served in order to minimize waste?
  1. family style
  2. serve on small plates
  3. plated
  4. leftovers should make up 50% of the meal
What does the term "imperfect food" mean?
  1. food with slightly lower nutrient value
  2. food that doesn't fit a store's cosmetic standards
  3. food in damaged packaging
  4. previously frozen food
What is a Food Recovery Program?
  1. composting scrap food
  2. grocery stores that donate excess food
  3. recipe bank for cooking with leftovers
  4. restaurants buy older food at discount prices
Identify how to best ensure that leftovers will be eaten.
  1. freeze all leftovers immediately
  2. label leftovers with date and content in airtight containers for fridge or freezer
  3. make leftover soup every few days
  4. learn to blend leftovers into smoothies
Why is it important to avoid clutter in the refrigerator?
  1. better air circulation for contained food
  2. fridge temperature will not fluctuate
  3. food won't be out out of sight and spoil before we can eat it
  4. increased ethylene gas that preserves food
Identify the main reason for keeping track of food waste in your home.
  1. consume less food
  2. guide your food choices
  3. eat more nutritious food
  4. buy more seasonal food
Why is it important to practice the FIFO (first in first out) method of food storage?
  1. more likely to use nutrient dense food
  2. grocery items won't spoil during travel time from store to home
  3. labeling freezer content allows easy identification
  4. more likely to use older food before it expires

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