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Types of Fabric (Grade 10)

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Types of Fabric

What is the term for cloth that has been knitted, woven, knotted, tufted, or bonded together?

Cotton, linen, hemp and jute belong in what type of fabric category?

Silk, leather and wool all belong to what type of fabric category?

Nylon, polyester and acrylic all belong to what type of fabric category?

What is the term identifying a fabric made from more than one type of fibre?

Identify two advantages that a polyester/cotton blend fabric has over 100% cotton fabric.

Name the term describing the fabric characteristic that runs both lengthwise and crosswise in every woven fabric.

What is the term describing fabric that has a raised surface or nap that is made of upright loops or strands of yarn?

What does it mean when fabric pills?

Name two fabrics that will shrink when washed in warm water.

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