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Tips for Efficient Cooking (Continuing Education)

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Tips for Efficient Cooking

A valuable time saving habit that should have first priority when cooking is to                                      thoroughly and for understanding before starting to prep ingredients.
Owning a good set of                    and learning how to              a variety of foods properly will save cooking time and energy.
Buying and working with                        ingredients means food is flavorful so less time is spent                          food.
It is not necessary to                all fruits or vegetables, skip this step if food can simply be well washed.
The French phrase meaning together in place is                                 . This means that before working with food, have all your ingredients                      and ready to use.
It is an efficient use of time to                      a recipe so leftovers can be                    and eaten when you're too busy to cook.
Practice the habit of                                      by filling a sink with warm soapy water to soak dishes in after you've finished with them.
Learn to cook a variety of                     meals or baking sheet meals, you will spend less time cleaning multiple pots and pans.
Set aside one hour a week to                vegetables. Whether you mince, chop or use a                                    for faster preparation, these ready to go ingredients will save you time when cooking.
For an easy weeknight meal, save and                    leftover sauces from previous meals in                                   . These can be reheated in a sauté pan when you need a quick sauce.
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