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Mending Fabrics (Grades 11-12)

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Mending Fabrics

Why is it important to wash or clean fabric before mending it?

Other than color, what is the criteria for choosing patch fabric to mend worn garment fabric?

What type of stitch is best suited to initially position a patch in place?

Explain why it's important to test adhesive mending products on a small, inconspicuous area of fabric before applying the product.

After sewing an appropriate patch on the wrong side of the fabric to repair a pull through button hole, how should you complete the mend?

When mending a split seam, what is important to follow to ensure a quality repair?

Describe how to restitch a worn buttonhole by hand.

When mending a hem, which type of stitch should be used and where should you begin and end the stitching?

When using an applique on the outside of your worn fabric, how do you ensure the edges do not fray?

Which stitch is best suited for re-attaching a zipper where the seam has come undone?

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