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Playgrounds and Child Safety (Grades 11-12)

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Playgrounds and Child Safety

Identify the most common source of injury children sustain on playgrounds.
  1. faulty equipment
  2. chocking
  3. falls
  4. hot metal surfaces
Identify the playground equipment that is not age-appropriate for kids ages two to five.
  1. flexible spring rockers
  2. tricycle pathways
  3. long spiral slides
  4. low ladders and ramps
If a playground surface is made of loose fill, how deep should the fill be in order to effectively cushion a child's fall?
  1. 9-12 inches/22-30 cm
  2. 1-3 inches/2.5-7.5 cm
  3. 6-9 inches/15-23 cm
  4. 3-6 inches/7.5-15 cm
Identify the age when children have the highest risk of playground injury.
  1. 1-3 years old
  2. 5-9 years old
  3. 2-4 years old
  4. 7-12 years old
Identify the equipment that causes the most injuries on home playgrounds.
  1. seesaws
  2. slides
  3. climbing walls
  4. swings
Identify the approximate percentage of how many playground-related injuries are due to inadequate supervision.
  1. 30 percent
  2. 5 percent
  3. 40 percent
  4. 70 percent
Identify the least safe playground surface that would likely maximize injuries from falls.
  1. poured-in-place rubber
  2. pea gravel
  3. wood chips
  4. cement
How often should a child be supervised when playing on playground equipment?
  1. every 15 minutes
  2. children should be constantly supervised
  3. when they are alone
  4. when older children are not present
Identify the location where the majority of playground injuries occur.
  1. home
  2. fast food restaurants
  3. public places, schools, daycare
  4. housing complexes
Identify the most common playground related cause of child fatalities on playgrounds.
  1. falls
  2. sharp edged objects
  3. strangulation
  4. faulty equipment

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