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Introduction to HTML5 (Grade 10)

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Introduction to HTML5

List three advantages of HTML5 over existing versions of HTML or XHTML.

List two ways businesses might use the Geolocation API in HTML5?

What is one application for businesses using the Canvas API in HTML?

What are the advantages of local storage over the use of cookies?

What is one example of a business use for the server-sent event API?

HTML5 was designed as a "living standard". What is meant by the term "living standard"?

Describe the use of the following line of HTML5 code.

The actual HTML5 document begins with                                and ends with                                           .
The visible parts of the HTML web page begin between                                and                                 .
Although HTML5 allows you to mix lower and upper case letters when naming elements and attributes it is not recommended. List two reasons why you should use lowercase letters in naming elements and attributes.

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