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Kitchen Pantry - Ten Essentials (Continuing Education)

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Kitchen Pantry - Ten Essentials

What type of oil has excellent taste and quick heating ability, and is sold in a range of price points including gourmet brands?

This small flavoring ingredient is not a herb or spice, and is most flavorful when used fresh instead of dried. It can be sliced, diced, minced, crushed, roasted, saut├ęd, or grilled.

This essential pantry item is a key ingredient to many varieties of soups, casseroles, and stir fry meals. These may be stocked in liquid, cube or powder form.

This dried carbohydrate comes in many shapes and sizes. It may be used in a main dish or side dish with a simple or elaborate sauce.

This staple is sold in a can or glass jar and is a versatile ingredient on pasta dishes, or in soups and casseroles.

This pantry essential may be served as a main or a side dish, though planning is important because these are not quickly cooked. These also make a good addition to casseroles and cold salads, adding protein and fibre.

This pantry essential is a versatile carbohydrate that can be the main component in a dish such as a casserole or stir-fry, or a side dish to complement any meat and vegetable. It comes in many different varieties, is gluten free, affordable, and has a long shelf life.

This pantry essential makes a tasty sandwich, cold salad topper, creamy casserole or pan-fried breaded patties. Choose the water-packed option rather than oil-packed to cut down on fats.

This protein rich pantry essential will make a classic sandwich, or may be an ingredient in smoothies, dips, or desserts.

These two pantry essentials go together and will create a basic flavor for many dishes, one is a mineral and the other is a spice.

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