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Efficient Cleaning - The Refrigerator (Continuing Education)

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Efficient Cleaning - The Refrigerator

It is important that the refrigerator is kept clean and hygienic to reduce the risk of                                   .
Commercial kitchen cleaners can be very strong, containing many                          that should not come into contact with               .
Use warm water and                                            to wipe the inside surfaces of your fridge and soak the drawers.
The first step in cleaning the refrigerator is to remove all               , as this will allow you to clean all the                      areas.
Remove any fridge                      or shelves, and let soak in warm water mixed with                                       .
Never use a                                to clean the inside of a refrigerator as it could make people              if it came in contact with food.
To gently scour stubborn stains in the refrigerator, apply a thick                              paste to the stain and let soak for                        before wiping clean.
Use a                            cloth or a good quality                    when cleaning the refrigerator, these will not leave behind fiber particles on surfaces.
To maintain a clean fridge, wipe up any spills                                              as spills will be tougher to clean when dry and may cause unpleasant                 .
Keep a small container of uncovered                              at the bottom of your fridge to absorb any strong                 .

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