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Bathing a Baby (Continuing Education)

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Bathing a Baby

Babies do not need a bath everyday,                  times a week is usually enough until the baby becomes more mobile.
Bathing a baby too often may cause the baby's skin to become               .
The best time to bathe a baby is when you're not                    and will not be                             .
Do not bathe a baby immediately after a                     .
Whether using a plastic tub or sink to bathe a baby, line it with a                             .
Before beginning a baby's bath, have all necessary items                                 .
When bathing a baby, fill the tub or sink with approximately                                  of                water.
The temperature of the baby's bath water should be around                                                            and the room temperature should be               .
In order to securely hold a baby during a bath, use your                            arm to support the baby's head and neck and the other to wash and rinse the baby.
When beginning to wash a baby in the bath, start with the baby's                and move                       , this keeps rinsed areas from getting soapy again.
When washing baby's hair, gently massage a                of mild baby shampoo onto the baby's scalp and rinse the shampoo with a cup of water or a damp washcloth, cupping one hand across the baby's                        to keep the suds away from his or her eyes.
Babies usually don't require a                              after a bath. If a baby's skin is dry, you may be bathing the baby too often.

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