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Baking Tips (Continuing Education)

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Baking Tips

Make sure your cookie dough is               before you start baking cookies.
To avoid too much gluten activation, do not                        dough when baking.
Since measuring cups can vary in size, use a                  for the precise ingredient quantities your recipe requires.
Ensure that all your baking ingredients are at                                        before you begin baking.
If you suspect your oven temperature guide is unreliable, purchase an                                        for accurate baking temperatures.
When a recipe calls for soft butter, do not use                  butter in its place.
Cookie dough scoops save time when baking and also make cookies                      in size for even baking.
The French term for setting up all your ingredients before you start mixing and baking is                                 .
The measure of a pinch is approximately             teaspoon.
Whenever possible, ensure to use                                ingredients, such as vanilla, to achieve the best product results.
When the recipe directs you to flour baking pans, use a small amount of the same                              that you are baking with.
Before you start baking, read the                    thoroughly until you understand all the steps.

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