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How to Buy Bedding (Continuing Education)

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How to Buy Bedding

The smallest sheet size is               bedding and this usually fits a                    bed.
King size bedding is the                     bedding size and usually measures                                               in size.
The most popular type of bedding fabric is                   , because it is easy to care for,                      soft and                           .
Choosing bedding made from                     fabric is a popular choice for winter months.
Choose bedding that matches the                  and theme of your bedroom, as bedding is the                  thing you notice when entering a bedroom.
The thread count refers to the                      of the weave in threads per                                                          of bedding. The higher the thread count, the more                          the sheets.
At the least, your bedding thread count should be between                     , but for quality sheets, aim for a thread count of             .
A thick, filled blanket that usually has a decorative design printed on it is called a                         , while a                  is essentially a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers or a synthetic alternative.
Most bedding sets come in a package with a                    and              sheet, a                          and one or two pillowcases.
When washing bedding, follow the wash care                      found on the bedding label. Generally, sheets should be washed                   .

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