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Buying Fabric (Continuing Education)

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Buying Fabric

How do you choose the correct type of fabric to purchase for a particular garment pattern?
  1. ask fabric store employees
  2. read fabric suggestions listed on the back of a pattern
  3. consult a sewing book
  4. choose one based on fabric style and color
Fabrics are sold in varying widths, what are the two most common width sizes?
  1. 45" and 60" (115 cm and 150 cm)
  2. 40" and 45" (100 cm and 115 cm)
  3. 55" and 65" (140 cm and 165 cm)
  4. 50" and 60" (127 cm and 150 cm)
When buying material, where do you find fabric care instructions?
  1. online according to fabric type
  2. on the cut piece of fabric
  3. fabric store employee
  4. top of the fabric bolt
How do you determine your pattern size?
  1. take body measurements according to the pattern envelope
  2. same size as US sizing chart
  3. same size as European sizing chart
  4. one size up from your typical size in retail stores
What does 100% cotton fabric require before using it to make a garment?
  1. justify selvages
  2. prewash
  3. salt water soak
  4. iron
Which fabric type is best suited for beginner sewers?
  1. knit
  2. jersey
  3. calico
  4. silk
How do you check how a fabric drapes?
  1. read the top bolt information panel
  2. prewash and hang dry
  3. hang a length of fabric against your body
  4. ask fabric store employee
How much extra fabric should you purchase to allow for washing shrinkage?
  1. all retail fabric is prewashed
  2. 5%
  3. 20%
  4. 10%
In addition to fabric, what is the term for extra sewing supplies such as zippers, buttons, or thread?
  1. embellishment
  2. applique
  3. extras
  4. notions
What is a fabric blend?
  1. two or more different kinds of fibers mixed together
  2. fabric pattern design
  3. color palette scheme
  4. two different kinds of fibers mixed together
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