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Child Care Programs (Continuing Education)

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Child Care Programs

Child care programs are licensed on a/n                    basis.
In child care programs, the staff to child ratio is                  for younger children and                    for older children.
When a child care program is licensed or registered with a local government, the staff should have a copy of the latest                                               that can be made available for parents.
Child care programs should provide a                                         for parents, that shows periods of active play, quiet play, rest time, and snacks and meals.
Child care programs that allow TV viewing, should inform parents how much                will be spent viewing and that programs viewed are                              for the age of the children.
Child care programs should provide opportunity for play that occurs both                      and                       .
Child care programs should provide parents with a written policy concerning                            to know how misbehavior will be managed.
Staff at child care programs should have up-to-date training in                          and             .
Child care programs should prepare snacks or meals in food                conditions and serve food that is                           .
The equipment in a child care program should be safe, age                             , properly installed, and well                           

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