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Reading a Sewing Pattern Envelope (Continuing Education)

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Reading a Sewing Pattern Envelope

What is the purpose of the sewing pattern number?
  1. size code
  2. product identification code
  3. price identification
  4. identifies number of pattern pieces
Identify the choice of sizes included in modern sewing patterns.
  1. multiple size ranges
  2. one size
  3. two sizes
  4. three sizes
Which group of style variations may be offered on a sewing pattern envelope?
  1. neckline, sleeves, hem length, colour wheel match
  2. neckline, hem length, sleeves, body shape match
  3. neckline, fabric cost, hem length, sleeves
  4. neckline, hem length, sleeves
Types of fabric listed on a pattern envelope are suggested as suitable for a garment based on considerations such as                                .
  1. cost and weight
  2. drape and natural fabric fibers
  3. weight and drape
  4. weight and weave
How do you choose the correct pattern size?
  1. US sizing chart
  2. base on body measurements
  3. UK sizing chart
  4. most commonly purchased retail size
Identify an example of common notions that may be listed on a sewing envelope.
  1. interfacing, closures, scissors, thread
  2. trim, zippers, seam ripper, closures
  3. zippers, trim, thread, interfacing
  4. thimble, thread, closures, zipper, seam ripper
Fabric requirements may be based on which group of considerations?
  1. fabric nap, design variations, one way fabric pattern, size
  2. fabric shrinkage, colour and nap
  3. size, weave of fabric, weight of fabric
  4. design variation, fabric nap, fabric colour
Why are the finished garment measures on a sewing pattern envelope slightly larger than the body measurements?
  1. allow for fabric shrinkage
  2. accounts for variation in seam allowance
  3. accounts for design variations
  4. allow for ease
Identify the unit/s of measure on sewing pattern envelopes.
  1. inches and centimeters
  2. metric
  3. bolt and roll
  4. imperial
What do large sewing pattern companies offer consumers who purchase their product?
  1. money back guarantees on all products
  2. lower cost than independent companies
  3. customer service support
  4. fabric store sale promotions
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