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Healthy Eating on a Budget (Continuing Education)

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Healthy Eating on a Budget

To save money when buying fresh produce, look for a                                  section at the grocery store. For example, inexpensive over-ripe                      can be frozen and used for smoothies or                   .
In a grocery store, frozen vegetables may be less costly and more                            than those found in the produce and canned sections, especially if the type of vegetable is out of                   .
For foods you regularly buy, look for coupons found in local newspaper fliers or                   . Coupons for               , likely a household's most expensive grocery staple, could significantly lower food costs.
Farmer's market or local produce stands may offer fresh produce at lower prices than grocery stores. For the best deals, shop often and look for                      produce or specials offered                                     . Look for farmers who offer a                        option for even more savings.
Many foods can be                      when made from scratch at home. Staple foods such as bread will be less costly and eliminate                                  or food                          often present in processed foods.
Non-perishable foods, personal hygiene items, cleaning and household products may be cheaper at a                         . Shoppers should check                         to find these items on sale at different locations rather than shopping only at                                    for all household needs.
Vegetables and fruits are at their                        and their tastiest when bought in                   , and weekly                  should be planned around these items.
For extra savings on produce, having your own                    may significantly lower the grocery bill. If space is limited, small containers on a patio are perfect for growing                 , that are often expensive at grocery stores and may be sold in larger portions than needed.
It is possible to save            percent on your groceries if you buy                      brand groceries instead of name brands.
Always buy whole foods when possible. Unprocessed foods are                      and often more                            than processed foods.

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