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Home Organization Basics (Continuing Education)

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Home Organization Basics

Identify an efficient method of storing kitchen items such as pots, pans, and mixing bowls.
  1. largest items in largest cupboards
  2. bulky items in pantry or closet
  3. higher in cupboards based on more frequent use
  4. store things close to where you use them
What is an ideal method for de-cluttering the kitchen?
  1. yearly, empty all cupboards and re-assess each item
  2. yearly, remove unnecessary duplicates, things no longer used, damaged items beyond repair
  3. monthly, remove unnecessary duplicates, things no longer used, damaged items beyond repair
  4. yearly, hire a home organizer to re-evaluate kitchen organization
Identify the best type of container for storage of both large and small items throughout the home.
  1. see through containers with easy to read labels
  2. color coded containers for each section of the home
  3. see through containers with numbered labels corresponding to master list
  4. cardboard containers that are easy to label
Identify the two items ideal for organizing drawers throughout the home.
  1. sturdy adjustable dividers and cloth liners
  2. large sized dividers and wallpaper liners
  3. multiple sized sturdy adjustable dividers and non-skid liners
  4. small sized sturdy dividers and scented liners
Identify a practical and inexpensive way to organize and maximize closet space.
  1. have customized metal shelving installed
  2. have customized wood shelving installed
  3. add DIY storage containers or cubbies at the base and top of a closet
  4. use large storage bins in each closet
Identify an ideal method of organizing household papers.
  1. create a home information center where all paperwork is sorted and filed
  2. keep a filing system in the kitchen, living area and main bedroom
  3. keep all paperwork in small color coded containers close to a home office space
  4. keep all paperwork in a large container in a storage area
Identify an efficient and inexpensive sorting method to begin household organization.
  1. hire a home organizer
  2. label two boxes: keep, store
  3. label four boxes: trash, give away, keep, relocate
  4. install storage areas in each major room of the house
Identify a way to easily organize a kitchen pantry.
  1. transfer most foods to coded containers
  2. install sliding shelves for easy access
  3. organize in food zones, use small containers for small items
  4. organize foods according to size, use small containers for small items
What is a drop zone in an entryway?
  1. carpet area for shoes
  2. space to hang coats and bags
  3. large container in closet space for a variety of items
  4. space designated for mail, papers, and keys
To reduce clutter in a linen closet, what is the maximum amount of sheet sets that should be kept for each bed?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
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