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Estimating Mass (Grade 6)

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Estimating Mass

Instructions: Lab Tool - Electronic BalanceMass is a property of matter. Mass is a measure of the amount of matter. You can measure the mass of an object using a balance. The SI base unit for mass is the kilogram (kg).

Mass is not the same as weight. Weight is the measure of the force of gravity on an object. An object at the Earth's surface will have mass and weight. Move that object to somewhere with less gravitational pull, like the moon, and its weight will decrease, but its mass will stay the same.

1) Collect 5 objects that you can find the mass of using a balance.
2) Estimate the mass of the first object. Record your estimate in the table.
3) Use a balance to measure the mass of the first object. Record the result in the table.
4) Calculate the difference between your predicted mass and the measured mass.
5) Repeat for each object. Did your estimates get more accurate with each object?

Be sure to label all units of mass (kg or g).

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