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Isotopes (Grade 10)

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If there are two elements with the same atomic number and a different number of neutrons, it is called a(n)                .
  1. neuron
  2. isotope
  3. clone
  4. ion
An isotope of carbon is                .
  1. boron-12
  2. nitrogen-12
  3. carbon-14
  4. hydrogen-2
Which symbols represent atoms that are isotopes?
  1. C-14 and N-14
  2. O-16 and O-18
  3. I-131 and I-131
  4. Rn-222 and Ra-222
Which of the following would be an isotope of aluminum?
  1. Atom A: mass number=24, atomic number=13
  2. Atom B: mass number=24, atomic number=12
  3. Atom C: mass number=26, atomic number=14
  4. Atom D: mass number=22, atomic number=11
Compared with [math]""^31"P"[/math], the radioactive isotope [math]""^32"P"[/math] has
  1. a different atomic number
  2. one more proton
  3. one more electron
  4. one more neutron
Thallium has two isotopes, thallium-203 and thallium- 205. Thallium's atomic number is 81, and its atomic mass is 204.38 amu. Which statement about the thallium isotopes is true?
  1. There is more thallium-203 in nature.
  2. Atoms of both isotopes have 81 protons.
  3. Thallium-205 atoms have fewer neutrons.
  4. The most common atom of thallium has a mass of 204.38 amu.
A certain isotope of sodium has a mass number of 23. How many neutrons does it have?
  1. 14
  2. 34
  3. 23
  4. 12
Which of the following pairs shows isotopes of the same element?
  1. [math]""_6 ^12C and ""_6 ^12C [/math]
  2. [math]""_6 ^14C and ""_7 ^14N [/math]
  3. [math]""_6 ^14C and ""_6 ^12C [/math]
  4. [math]""_6 ^14C and ""_6 ^14C^-4 [/math]
What are isotopes? How are isotopes of particular element alike, and how are they different?

Antimony has two naturally-occurring isotopes, Sb-121 and Sb-123. Sb-121 has a natural abundance of 57.2%, while Sb-123 has a natural abundance of 42.8%.

In the space provided below, write the isotopic notation for the isotope of antimony with the greater percent natural abundance.

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