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Organizing a Clothes Closet (Continuing Education)

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Organizing a Clothes Closet

What does it mean to store clothes by cluster?

What is the main organizing principle of creating clothes clusters?

There are varied types of clothes hangers, which type is the least ideal?

Name two types of clothes hangers that are ideal for hanging two piece clothing sets such as pantsuits.

What features should you look for in a versatile clothing hanger that will accommodate most clothing types?

Name five types of clothing fabric that should be hung on clothing hangers instead of folded and placed in a drawer.

Name four types of clothing that should be hung on a clothing hangers and not folded and placed in a drawer.

Name four types of clothing that should be folded and placed in a drawer rather than hung on a clothes hanger.

Name three types of specialty organizers that will utilize empty space in the closet.

In what area of the closet should you store clothing items according to how often these items are used?

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