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Introducing Solid Foods (Continuing Education)

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Introducing Solid Foods

At what age range should babies be before introducing solid foods?

How much breast milk or formula should a baby be drinking in addition to starting solid foods?

When a baby begins eating solid foods, how many foods should be offered?

What seasonings or flavorings are ok to add to a baby's first solid food?

In order to ensure a baby does not react to a new type of food, how many days should caregivers wait before adding a new food to a baby's diet?

It is not unusual for a baby to refuse a first feeding of solid food. What should be done if this happens?

When introducing a baby to a highly allergenic food that close relatives are allergic to, what cautions should be in place?

If a parent chooses to give their child 100% fruit juice, how much juice should be offered a day?

How old should a child be before he or she is offered cow's milk?

Should solid food be introduced to a baby before or after the regular feeding routine, and how much solid food should be offered?

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