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Features of Recipe/Cooking Applications (Continuing Education)

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Features of Recipe/Cooking Applications

Recipe/cooking applications should be available on both               and                      mobile device systems.
Recipe/cooking applications may provide a large database of recipes, a feature ideal for                    cooks, or may not include any recipes.
Recipe/cooking applications without a preloaded recipe database, will provide a recipe                    feature and/or a feature allowing you to add recipes. This type of application is more suited for an                              cook.
Recipe/cooking applications should import online recipes simply and quickly, though importing recipes from                    or from                            may not be possible.
Recipe/cooking applications should synchronize across                        mobile devices, this allows for broader function and                             .
The grocery list feature on many recipe/cooking applications will automatically sort ingredients by grocery                 , a feature that will help to save                when shopping.
A feature of some recipe/cooking applications is a                                  calendar that allows you to design menus by the week or month.
In order to make reading a recipe screen more functional during cooking, some recipe/cooking applications will offer an                          feature.
Recipe/cooking applications may provide a recipe                      feature for flexibility of the recipe yield.
Recipe/cooking applications may offer step by step                          of a recipe or a specific cooking                 .

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