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Induction Cooking (Continuing Education)

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Induction Cooking

Identify the weakness of cooking food on a cook top using electric or gas heat.
  1. electric and gas heat are expensive
  2. electric and gas heat cook food throughout the cooking vessel at the same termperature
  3. rapidly dispenses heat throughout the cooking vessel
  4. only directly heats the part of the cookware that it touches
Identify the source of cooking heat used for induction cooking.
  1. electricity and magnetism
  2. gas and steam
  3. electricity and steam
  4. gas and magnetism
Identify all the types of cookware that may be used on induction cooktops.
  1. aluminum
  2. ferromagnetic
  3. copper
  4. glass
Identify which type of cookware is not suitable for induction stovetop cooking.
  1. stainless steel
  2. glass
  3. cast iron
  4. ferromagnetic
Identify the correct percentage of how much faster an induction cooktop heats up compared to a radiant cooktop.
  1. 10-30 percent
  2. 5-10 percent
  3. 25-50 percent
  4. 50-70 percent
Identify a strength that induction cooking has over cooking with radiant heat.
  1. slow, fine temperature adjustments
  2. broad range of suitable cookware
  3. quick, fine temperature adjustments
  4. light in weight cookware
Identify why an induction cooktop may be safer to use than a radiant heat cooktop.
  1. spilled grease will not ignite into flame
  2. temperatures are much lower than radiant cooktops
  3. higher noxious combustion by-products
  4. induction does not emit eddy currents
How costly are induction cooktops compared to gas and electric cooktops?
  1. less expensive than gas and electric
  2. more expensive than electric and less expensive than gas
  3. more expensive than gas and electric
  4. less expensive than electric and the same cost as gas
Induction cooktops were originally designed to use in which space?
  1. spaces without access to gas
  2. outdoor cookware
  3. spaces without access to electricity
  4. industrial and restaurant kitchens
How quickly does an induction cooktop cool after a pot or pan is removed from a burner?
  1. 30 seconds
  2. 1 minute
  3. immediately
  4. 2 minutes

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