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Mixed Operation Word Problems - Practice #3 (Grade 3)

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Mixed Operation Word Problems - Practice #3

There are 32 blue marbles and 28 red marbles in a bag. Dan took 37 marbles out of the bag. How many marbles are in the bag now?

Jake and Robert go to the carnival. Jake plays a game and wins six prizes. Robert plays another game and wins four prizes. They want to divide the prizes evenly. How many prizes does each boy get?

Rich collected 30 leaves. He used 12 leaves to decorate his photo album. He divided the rest equally among 2 boxes. How many leaves were in each box?

Jane made 19 silver dollar pancakes. She took 7 and then gave an equal number to each of her two sisters. How many silver dollar pancakes did each sister get?

Martin has to finish his homework before he can play with his friends. He has 3 pages of multiplication problems with eight questions on each page. He was able to answer 10 problems already. How many questions does he have left to finish on his homework?

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