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Mixed Operation Word Problems - Practice #4 (Grade 4)

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Mixed Operation Word Problems - Practice #4

During a flu outbreak 17 out of 74 teachers called in sick. The school brought in 14 substitute teachers. How many teachers were at school that day?
  1. 88 teachers
  2. 31 teachers
  3. 71 teachers
  4. 57 teachers
Becca has a piece of ribbon that is 4 yards long. Ron has a piece of ribbon that is 9 times as long as Becca's ribbon. Eric has a piece of ribbon that is 8 yards shorter than Ron's piece of ribbon. How much longer is Ron's ribbon than Eric's ribbon?
  1. 8 yards longer
  2. 36 yards longer
  3. 28 yards longer
  4. 4 yards longer
The Lakeside Legends joined a 16-team league. They played each of their 15 opponents 3 times. Every game lasts for exactly 2 hours. At the end of the season, how many hours had the team spent playing games?
  1. 45 hours
  2. 30 hours
  3. 90 hours
  4. 32 hours
Large tables in the library have 8 chairs and small tables have 4 chairs. How many students can sit at 3 large tables and 5 small tables if each seat is filled?
  1. 20 students
  2. 36 students
  3. 44 students
  4. 52 students
Mr. Porter lives 6 miles from work. If he walks to work and back each day, how many days will it take for Mr. Porter to walk a total of 240 miles?
  1. 60
  2. 20
  3. 10
  4. 40
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