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Mixed Operation Word Problems - Practice #6 (Grade 4)

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Mixed Operation Word Problems - Practice #6

Sammi has six hamsters. She feeds her hamsters each day. She feeds each hamster twelve pellets in the morning and six in the evening. How many pellets will all of the hamsters eaten after two weeks?

Suppose there are 56 penguins in a colony, and each penguin eats 12 pounds of krill and 18 pounds of squid each day. How much food does the colony eat each day?

Maria found 3 shells on the beach. Gloria found 10 times as many shells as Maria.
Tina found 10 times as many shells as Gloria. How many shells did the three girls find in all?

Jamie is buying bowls for a school ice cream social. She buys 5 packages of red bowls, 3 packages of orange bowls, 4 packages of green bowls, and 7 packages of white bowls. Each package contains 8 bowls. How many bowls did she buy in all?

Marley, Jon, and Bart swim a relay race. Jon swims two more laps than Marley. Bart swims twice as many laps as Marley. If Marley swims 3 laps, how many laps do they swim altogether?

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