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Division Word Problems - Practice #4 (Grade 4)

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Division Word Problems - Practice #4

Instructions: Divide. Show your work and label answers.

On Saturday afternoon, 350 people attended a play. The seating was arranged in 7 equal rows. How many people sat in each row?

The Galveston-Port Bolivar Ferry takes cars across Galveston Bay. One day, the ferry transported a total of 685 cars over a 5-hour period. If the ferry took the same number of cars each hour, how many cars did it take each hour?

At the school concert there were 560 people seated in 8 rows. If there were no empty seats, how many people were in each row?

How many pieces are left if 6 friends equally share 100 puzzle pieces?

At the North American Solar Challenge, teams use up to 1,000 solar cells to design and build solar cars for a race. If there are 810 solar cells in 9 rows, how many solar cells are in each row?

Kate has 49 apples for fruit baskets. She puts 3 apples in each basket. How many baskets can she fill?

A bakery has 126 rolls to divide equally into bags. Each bag holds 6 rolls. How many bags will be needed?

There are 88 pralines in the box. Ms. Sally wants to put the pralines in baskets. 12 pralines will fit in each basket. How many full baskets will Ms. Sally have?

Jenny's grandmother is making blankets for the homeless shelter. Each blanket requires 2 yards of material. How many blankets can she make out of 33 yards? How much material will she have left?

Ellen has 81 strawberries to put in bowls. Each bowl holds 6 strawberries. How many strawberries are left over after 13 bowls are filled?

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