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Mixed Number Word Problems (Grade 5)

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Mixed Number Word Problems

Last year it rained [math]2 1/2[/math] inches in April and [math]1 1/3[/math] inches in May. What is the total rainfall for the two months?
  1. [math]2 10/12[/math] inches
  2. [math]3 2/5[/math] inches
  3. [math]3 5/6[/math] inches
  4. [math]3 1/2[/math] inches
A pitcher contains [math]3 1/2[/math] quarts of milk. You pour [math]1 7/8[/math] quarts into a smaller pitcher. How many quarts of milk are left in the first pitcher?
  1. [math]1 3/4[/math] quarts
  2. [math]1 5/8[/math] quarts
  3. [math]2 5/8[/math] quarts
  4. [math]2 3/4[/math] quarts
In one year, Melinda grew [math]2 1/4[/math] inches to [math]48 3/8[/math] inches. What was her height at the beginning of the year?
  1. [math]50 5/8 [/math] inches
  2. [math]46 1/8[/math] inches
  3. [math]43 1/2[/math] inches
  4. [math]21 1/2[/math] inches
  5. [math]108 27/32[/math] inches
Andrea is [math]5 1/2[/math]feet tall. Ralene is [math]2/3[/math] foot taller than Andrea. How tall is Ralene?
  1. [math]5 1/3[/math] feet
  2. [math]5 3/5[/math] feet
  3. [math]6 1/6[/math] feet
  4. [math]6[/math] feet
The following data represents the number of miles four friends walk to school.

Tyrell: [math] 1 3/8[/math]
Jalen: [math]1 4/5[/math]
Jaden: [math]1 2/3[/math]
Jerome: [math]1 8/9[/math]

Based on this data, who walks the farthest distance to school?
  1. Jerome
  2. Jaden
  3. Jalen
  4. Tyrell
When the Patel family went apple picking, Mr. Patel picked [math]1 1/2[/math] bushels, Mrs. Patel picked [math]3/4[/math] of a bushel, and their three children picked [math]1/4[/math] bushel each. How many bushels of apples did the family pick?

Ali caught a fish that weighed [math]8 1/2[/math] pounds. Mike caught a fish that weighed [math]6 3/4[/math] pounds. How much more did Ali's fish weigh than Mike's fish?

Jack was running a 5 mile race. He stopped for water after running [math]2 3/4 [/math] miles. How far was Jack from the finish?

Natalie is parking her camper on a site at a campground. Her camper is [math]6 2/5[/math] meters long. The site that Natalie is parking on can fit a camper that is at most, [math]8 1/2[/math] meters long.
What is the difference, in meters, between the length of Natalie's camper and the maximum length of a camper that can park on the site?

Enter your fraction in the space provided.

A second campsite can fit campers that are [math]1 5/6[/math] meters longer than the site Natalie is using. What is the maximum length of a camper that can park on the second campsite?

Enter your fraction in the space provided.

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