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Triangles - Midpoints and Centers (Grade 10)

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Triangles - Midpoints and Centers

The                                                    is a line segment perpendicular to a side of a triangle that goes through the opposite vertex.
A segment that joins the midpoints of two sides of a triangle is the                                                       .
A segment whose endpoints are a vertex of the triangle and midpoint of the opposite side is the                                               .
The point of concurrency of the three angle bisectors of a triangle.
  1. Median of a triangle
  2. Centroid
  3. Incenter
  4. Orthocenter
The                              of a triangle is the point where all of the altitudes meet.
Define circumcenter.

Which point is always equidistant from the three sides of a triangle?
  1. Incenter
  2. Orthocenter
  3. Centroid
  4. Circumcenter
The point of concurrency of a triangle's three medians.
  1. Midsegment of a triangle
  2. Incenter
  3. Centroid
  4. Orthocenter
The                        is the center of the inscribed circle of a triangle.
The Euler Line passes through which three points for all triangles?
  1. Orthocenter, incenter, and centroid
  2. Orthocenter, centroid, and circumcenter
  3. Centroid, incenter, and circumcenter
  4. Orthocenter, circumcenter, and incenter
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